The day is long, but life is short. Today is the second day in which I do not have to go to school. Before this all happened, I thought that I would have all the time in the world after my exams. In which I will find time to write, play, take photos, go places and maybe even study for Year 2. Of course I have a larger portion of my 24 hours to myself. But then again I have a chronic problem when trying to manage my time.  I don’t think my vision of being a productive, do-everything-and-everything-else person any time soon. I seem to think that out of the 365 days in a year, only a certain number are for school holidays. And that they should be well spent on noble pursuits such as collecting stamps and reading. And when the school holidays really happen, MInecraft seems to slip into the list of noble pursuits.

The day is short, but life is long. Then again, I can always attempt to fool myself every day saying that I wouldn’t spend 12 hours in front of my computer hacking away at cubes in a cubic world with cubic tools inside a cubic mine in a cubic game called Minecraft. I tell you that’s utter bullshit I say so myself. I will always tell myself that I have the next day, the next week, the next month, and when school term starts, I can always go cold turkey on my slacker routine. I tell you for how long my life is, every day in the December holidays will seem to pass by like a breeze. It will flow away like water in a drain, like the tonnes of hydrogen escaping our atmosphere each year. When school ends, I merely slip from one routine to another. Except that one routine is more beneficial than the other.

And when the day ends, what’s worse is the sinking feeling that nothing has been accomplished. The feeling that I had willingly wasted my time. Time I do not have.

The day had gone; life is short.


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