Hello, perhaps after 36368137 years, I might still get this feeling. After a big exam, I feel as if I am supposed to be doing something more. Like studying. Like doing something more productive than grinding at games. I have no idea why this happens, or if this feeling of sinking emptiness occurs to anyone else. But today, I want to talk briefly on a subject that some of us might be familiar with.

Boredom. Feeling bored is uncomfortable and empty as your brain desperately seeks for external stimuli. However, it is exceedingly trivial. Feelings like pain, horror and nausea are painful, but they are programmed to be caused by a real threat or danger. But what about boredom? Humans are no stranger to ennui, it has kept us seeking more things to do, and the earliest evidence of boredom dates back to ancient Pompeii. We often feel bored when we are undertaking tasks we feel as repetitive or uninteresting. Then, we also feel bored when we have nothing to do. When we are alone with nothing but ourselves.

When we have nothing else better to do, we feel uncomfortable. But this can also be another indication to get the lazy piece of meat known as my brain to start working. And blog more.


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