8 October: Government Shutdown

8 October. That’s the day where I’ll have the time to blog, play games, read books and do other cool and fun stuff that I did not have the time to do. My exam spree started on 26 September, and I basically have nothing to do but study, while reading my tumblr and all the issues about the US government shutting down. Why? I have no idea why the hell federal government is screwing up in the US. All I know is that the lawmakers in Congress are arguing on how to spend imaginary money they do not have.

Back in homeland Singapore, we do not have a congress, we have a parliament. The parliament, and our allegedly awesome education system is still fine, thank you very much. The one thing I feel sad for the US now is that children all over the country will still have to go to school, initially I thought that since your government shut down, all public schooling will cease to exsist. Turns out I was wrong, public schooling is handled on a state level, and not the federal level.

Until then, I don’t see anything badthat could come put of the shutdown, to say least. I have my exams to worry about.

Thanks for reading.


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