Weekly Update 3: Is it still weekly?

Woah, it’s been such a long time since I’ve been blogging. That’s sad and all but there’s a more worrying thing on the horizon (for me at least). My school ends at the most phenomenally early date, 22 October. If you study in Singapore, you’ll notice that its early compared to some schools that end in mid-November. That’s great and all, we actually have two months worth of unadulterated freedom. But there’s a dark side.

Exams will come at a phenomenally early date as well. My end-of-years do not come at the end of the years as they are supposed to, but in 26 September. Other schools begin their exams somewhere in October for humanity’s sake. On the other hand, I shouldn’t be complaining, I should be studying and doing homework already. I will still try to blog on topics that are interesting if I have the time, but it’s basically studying to no end right now.

Back to the real world, on 6 September, the whole of Singapore celebrated Teachers’ Day. Not that there was anything to celebrate, because there was no school. The real celebration began on 5 September, where schools around the island partied and had no lessons. I went back to my primary school and took that day as a reasonable excuse to meet up with old friends and teachers, have some lunch, watch a movie and crash somebody’s house. Not surprisingly, it was magic meeting old people. (not elderly people)

Some of the old classmates seemed to have shot up several centimetres in height, while others seemed to have shrunk. Many people said I was slightly taller (really meh), while a significant portion said I slimmed down considerably. They put it bluntly: You have gone from 4 chins to having 2 chins. Talking about chins, my old classmates were mildly surprised that I actually passed this year’s NAPFA. This feat should seem to be quite an achievement when juxtaposed with the knowledge that never once did I pass in primary school life.

For something that seems more of an account of the meet up, visit this blog.

Thanks for reading.


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