Weekly Update 2

This update should be from last week, right? Sorry about that, I published the other post, ‘Prejudice and Discrimination’ in pace of all my other antics and tomfoolery. This week, we had an extremely long weekend. I believe it was one of the longest I ever had. This is because we all in Singapore had the good fortune of two consecutive public holidays, and they were right next to Saturday and Sunday. So we had, four days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. And yes, consider that our teachers took the opportunity to  liberally nuke us with homework, the holiday isn’t exactly a holiday.

Those public holidays I mentioned were Hari Raya Aidilfitri and National Day. I don’t have much opinion on the two, and in fear that my misinformation could lead to something disastrous and catastrophic, please go google the terms or click those links. These four days pass fast. To us, our sense of time when we are having fun, and doing the things we like, are severely distorted. Time flies. And yes, I wish it is Thursday again, and I’m wondering whether I should waste my life away playing games.

The best idea I’ve got during the past few days is to delete and mercilessly wipe clean every game I have on every single platform I own (which is not much). I already done it, and I’m finding ways to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms because of a wimpy psychological addiction, it’s not even real, it’s just psychological. So, in the meanwhile, I’m back to writing, cooking, stamp collecting, writing letters and photography, right? Suits me fine.

Now let me think of a topic to write, not just a weekly update. Until then, good night.


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