Weekly Update 1: Redux

Interestingly, it is the quietest moments that being the cause for reflection. In the valley of the shadow of death, we look upwards, and we still see the sun. Flowers can grow in the darkest places of your heart.

With the new term which is supposedly filled to the brim of projects and projects, I am finding it very hard to do anything, even write. The best remedy is to drop everything and start doing it again. Like now. Clearly, the previous weekly updates were all lost in the sands of time, and a change of theme. Why not start anew?

The prospect of starting anew can seem dreadful when you are successful, but it can feel eerily tantalising when pulled to our wits’ end. There are many upcoming events that are coming up front, such as the National Public Speaking Competition. As such, this is a time where I am going to be sent into a trial by fire. Let pull through this. Forever and a day.

Up next: On prejudice & discrimination

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