Hello, dear readers. It is 10pm in Singapore right now, and the 3-hour PSI level is residing in the ‘unhealthy’ range. This is quite comforting, as the PSI levels peaked to a new all-time high this afternoon at 401. This long standing haze situation looming (quite literally) over Singapore has made Singaporeans especially unhappy. Hold on, unhappy?

Undoubtedly Singaporeans are unhappy with their predicament, but such a situation has also brought out a more humorous side to our society. Jokes, memes and stories have been wittingly carved out and put on display all over social networks, and websites. Sadly (sadly), I have none to show on my blog. Just go to 9gag and type in sg hazeand I’m sure you will find some to make you laugh.

Ok, now. Back to he present. I am currently in Batam, Indonesia. I guess it is safe to assume that the skies across the sea are actually clearer. The haze is actually not that profound as compared to Singapore. My best bet, is that the winds from Sumatra and Kalimantan, where the fires are burning, are just plainly blowing towards Singapore and Malaysia, as such the effect of the haze here is greatly reduced. There is still haze, but not that much.

The reason Im in Batam is to embark on a mission with my church. We will be visiting an orphanage, a church and we are going to paint a school in parts of Batam which are not as fortunate as say, metropolitan Singapore. To be in a completely different environment is surprising, even humbling. I will post more details about it in another post when I get back home. I’m really not in the best position to write, lying on my hotel bed and straining my fingers on the cramped keyboard of my phone.

I have one last shout out to make. I have another friend who just started blogging, and her name’s Vanessa. Go check out her blog.

And as always, thanks for reading.



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