I cannot sleep. Please don’t tell me I have insomnia, because that will be horrible. Maybe it’s just the holiday mood in the air. Later yesterday, I had lunch. On a stroke of absolute randomness, my old P6 classmate asked me out for a meal in Plaza Singapura (I chose the location). It was a great time, even though I unknowingly ordered a vegetarian soup at The Soup Spoon.  It was one of the Chef Specials, and its name is ‘The Kumara Queen’. Kumara means sweet potato in Maori, and likewise, the star of the soup is the sweet potato. It contains some French lentils, caramelised onions and honey. The soup was edible, if not appetising. However, it will be surprising for some that I chose the Kumara Queen which only has 202 calories, instead of a heavy, meaty Beef Goulash with 307 calories. And if you are wondering, yes I do my research on the menu items.

Enough with the food for a moment. But what really makes the food nice today? I could have the exact same soup all by myself. I could retrace the exact same steps I took, I could do it at the exact same time, exactly in sync. I could do it tomorrow. But will there be a difference? There would be a vast difference. Having a good time, having a good meal is not always about the quality or enjoyability of what you are doing. if not, why would people choose to study in groups? Some people want help, some of us, want company. Either way, unless you really enjoy being alone (I have no problems with that) or the people you are with really hate you, most of us would rather be in the company of other people when doing things. A meal is not just about food. The fellowship, the people you are with, the atmosphere, the chatter, the jokes can make or break your experience. With that, I hope that you can have as fun a meal as I had, and maybe even some coffee after that.

I would also like to thank Jean for having that ‘absolute randomness’ to ask me out for lunch, staying with me in the time’s book store. For another version of today’s events, go ahead and do check out her blog.


7 responses to “Lunch

  1. Few stuff to take note of:

    1) The euphoric moment would have been relived 10 times better if you were eating with me (no offence to your lunch buddy, but the truth is CaptEd rocks)

    2) There’s definitely a point in life when you get insomnia. Whether your sleep problems derives from insomnia or not, it doesn’t really matter. My personal experience with insomnia ended with fatigue overtaking me and from there, you will crave sleep when it is time to sleep. So just let it be.

    3) realizing that you are only Sec 1, here’s a tip about study groups. They don’t ALWAYS work for all members of the group. Make sure you are discerning to tell if study groups is really your way to go. My personal experience tells me that I can’t have a study group (I mean if you are talking about other activities, then it’s a different thing altogether)


    Your captain,

  2. I feel like I have a bloodthirsty pod of sharks that are feasting on my blog. By the way, I just found your blog, Eddy. I forgot all about Twitter.

  3. Not really my blog. If you read it, it’s now a combined blog.

    By the way, are you going to volunteer at YDOs? If you are, we can go for dinner together with the rest and I will prove myself the best dinner buddy. Haha.

    But seriously, go volunteer at YDOs. Great place for exposure. (shameless advertisement for Cherylyn. Lol)

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