Weekly Update 4: A time to pass

The June holidays are here (that’s quite late considering that it started a week ago). Before the June holidays, I felt that I did not have much time to blog and do things I want and things that are good for me. I thought that during the holidays, it would be better. It turns out that I was sorely wrong. Indeed I do have much more time than during the typical school day. Ironically, much less things get done. Including blogging.

Hello guys, I didn’t post anything for quite a while, after that day in the ArtsNook. Ok, I have been feeling extremely lazy and started procrastinating all the time. Wait…did I say procrastinating? I certainly have not been procrastinating in one particular part of my life. Slacking. Sleeping. Gaming. Excessive eating and drinking. To me, that must change, if not the life that I have built upon for the past couple of months will be brought down by sheer intellectual decadence and disrepair.

One notable example is my relapse of a chronic addiction that is commonplace during long school holidays. Minecraft. Yeah, even I fall for that game. These few days of playing from dawn to dusk, for…let me check the statistics menu in Minecraft…wait for it…29 times played, 84.24 (3.51 days) of live gaming, 225 multiplayer joins and 224.09 km walked in-game in the June holidays alone. Those are staggering numbers, far more than I thought I was capable of alone. That did not even count the hours I spent on the Feed the Beast mod pack. No wonder my eyes are sore, the hours I clock on the computer can warrant eye surgery. I am so going to flunk my next eye check-up very badly, and get glaucoma, retinal detachment and cataracts in my old age.

The first thing I need to do is to quit minecraft, get a life, and move on. With that, I conclude the week. Happy holidays.


2 responses to “Weekly Update 4: A time to pass

  1. Control your Minecraft addiction. Why?

    1) You will find that at the end of the day, you don’t achieve much from that game.
    2) Even if there is entertainment, frequent video games never fail to serve as unhealthy entertainment.
    3) (Cliche) Studies would get affected. But the more cliche something sounds, the more it is true. I’m a living example.

    Happy Holidays!

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