As I write something more substantiative for today, I have a photo to post. There should have been a debate training today. But it was canceled as there was a disappointing turnout. Only the secondary one and IP one students (all three of us) could turn up. Besides, nobody wants to waste precious budget money to pay the coach to reach three boys. We were all dismissed, except me. Not that I was unhappy about it, I was quite pleased so I can get my debate shirt. I had to wait.

What place better to wait than in the ArtsNook? Nice couch and ambient lighting from the surroundings. Almost nobody will bother to disturb you here. I was waiting until… This is place is so nice to sleep in, and lose yourself in another world.


2 responses to “ArtsNook@VS

  1. Oi, can’t entirely blame the members lurh. The Sec3s, at that time, were still having lessons. The Sec 2s had weirdo programs and the other 2 Sec1s, MIA. So yea. LOLOLOL

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