Weekly Update 3: A month in motion

This weekly update has been conceived in the wake of the fact that I did not have time to write one on Tuesday. I know, maybe some of you are already thinking that I have abandoned this blog (again). But no. I have lots of things to do after my exams. After my exams themselves, which saw a significant drop in blogging, I had a Model United Nations at Victoria Junior College. I am glad to say that MUNs were an excellent experience, and I want to go for more of them when there is an opportunity. Then again, this delegate from Denmark got creamed by some of the more senior delegates which might be from JC2.

After 2 days of Model United Nations, I had to start intensive training for the Raffles Debate Academy competition. I am the third speaker, and the competition.  I am not allowed to lament or boast or describe about our state of preparation as, well, you guys might be the very opponents that we will be facing tomorrow. No matter how much self-praise I lather onto myself, or how much praise you hear from others, please do remember that I only have barely half a year of experience and that there is a high chance that I will screw up.

Not only that, there were other smaller events like inter-class games and a very depressing track and field meet. It was so disappointing to see people disappear into the canteen instead of supporting their houses. It was so disappointing to see people abusing the clappers given to them. It was so disappointing to see that after the meet, I see a whole lot of trash on the stands. But I don’t really care, I was doing my Red Cross first aid duty at the 200 metre mark.

Now, I am also stuck with three people with a horrendous work attitude in my science fair project. This is what I sent them, “Excuse me, but do you know the urgency of this matter, not only should you have a much more desirable work attitude, I am getting frustrated on solving your problems. By the way, I have called both Y C and A. It was horrible, firstly, A gave me a prank reply. If I didn’t shout at him over the phone, I doubt he would variate from his ”Singapore Telecom Speech” after 3 calls. Then, when he finally got serious, he said that his Internet is down. Please do not expect me to solve such a problem for you. From the ringtone, I can already detect that either Y’s phone is off or he is overseas. I have no idea how to deal with you guys anymore.” I don’t really bother censoring any names after all this while. All you have to know is that A and Y are two extremely lazy and uninvolved bastards.

Now that is what I get from the turn of the month until now. Frustration and anxiety. After my late lunch, I’m off to work on my team case. Blogging is so therapeutic.


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