Yesterday’s menu

So, some of you guys might have wanted me to post another short story or rant about yesterday’s exam. I, myself for one is still trying to think straight. To me, exams may be mental doors for us, sometimes it can act as an advantage. On another occasion, it might be extremely in convenient for us. Exams have this ability to make us forget everything about them until we think hard enough. After the papers are collected, the world suddenly seems much brighter than before, and we forget almost everything, ready to move into the bright, new world with one less paper to complete.

Alright, that was a total digression, however I really forgot all about the exams I took yesterday. If not for my blog, my Language Arts paper is already lost in the endless crannies and dead-ends in my head. So much for dementia. Not surprisingly, I needed around 5 minutes to recall what I had encountered. This is yesterday’s story.

The first paper I took was the Higher Chinese paper 2: word editing, language use, idiom application (成语), cloze passage (综合天空), 4 comprehensions all packed nicely onto a 2-hour “meal”. Appetising. I am proud to say that, for once, I did not leave any questions blank in the first 4 vocabulary-based sections of the paper. The comprehension was absolutely horrendous, this is evident when I apparently had no time to complete the last 3 questions in the paper. I still believe that I have a fair chance of passing, don’t stone me if I fail though.

I do not wish to comment on my Physics paper due to fear of judgement from both God and Man. I still think that I will post something about physics when I get my paper back. That is all. Stay tuned for “Today’s Menu”.



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