Geography and BI LC!

For an exam day, today was boring. Did I say boring? Of course I did. For the first time, I have nothing to say about a paper, well, almost. The first exam of the day was Geography, it was easy (don’t look at me when horrible marks come home though) and was only one hour long. Honestly, it was pretty much hand exercise for almost the whole paper. This is especially so for the LORM essay, I was like,”Didn’t we already do that in class?” That’s besides the point. The main thing was that I was expecting a slew of SEQs to come out today. Guess what? Only two SEQs. In our CA during March, we had SIX and above. So much for this being a more important exam.

For Bahasa Indonesia (BI), the paper was equally easy. Except for the fact that the speakers were so full of static that I couldn’t hear the listening comprehension passage blasting out of the speakers for section D. That’s why I can’t get full marks. The drama will come tomorrow as I laugh my head off at the Chinese paper 2. If you’ve been reading my humble blog or know me in person, you will know that I am absolutely horrendous at Chinese. Ohemgee.



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