Language Arts Paper 1

The first Language Arts paper was a bitch. If it was a slut it would be easy. Actually, it kind of was easy, other than the fact that I was actually summarising the book, only in the first person. There is this character in the book with an extremely atrocious and long name: Lieutenant Kotler. These things normally won’t make you ultra irritated or angry, but in an examination with a clock ticking, yes. I wrote the word 15+ times because I was afraid that I would get marked down for excessive pronoun usage. Furthermore, I could not complete my last essay by two words. Two words. Another pain in the head, neck and mouth is the constant fact that I have to replace the name of the concentration camp, Auschwitz, to Bruno’s rendition (read: mispronunciation) of the name: Out-with. Another suitable complaint is that sometimes, we forget about the ticking clock and we start latching onto large ideas and attempt to cover as much ground as possible. Then, we run out of time. I’m going out to get some fresh air. Bye.



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