Weekly update 3: One Day More

One day more. One day more to the first exams of the semester. Then again, I still have a thousand and one things to complete. A thousand and one things such as replying my penpals, caring for my blog and playing computer games. Screw it. I have to read my literature text, the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. I have to read the comprehension text given to me earlier this week, do research and make annotations. I have to study and study and mug for my third language. Or risk a failure.

Not only will I risk a failure, I will screw my entire 2 years worth of GPA up, disgrace myself and remain in exile for all my years of my life. No. That is just a dramatisation. Contrary to what I should be doing, I had been procrastinating with my Language Arts texts. Lesson learned: Eat, drink, sleep and Boy in Striped Pyjamas. If not, you screw up.

A nice song I had been listening to is One Day More in Les Miserables. This really fits into the atmosphere I’m studying in now.

Oh my gosh, that has been the weekly update. One day more…



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