An issue with words

Eugenic or Mnemonic? Eugenics or Mnemonics? That’s the question. It is not too strange that Eugenic and Mnemonic have different definitions and usage, however, it is notable that their -s counterparts have different definitions. For example, mnemonics has a different meaning as compared to mnemonic. Well, aren’t these words very chim?

Lets start with ’eugenic’ and its -s counterpart: eu·gen·ics /yuˈdʒɛnɪks/ noun
This word stems from Ancient Greek, meaning “good breeding”. This word was coined in 1883 by an English scientist by the name of Francis Galton, who was coincidentally (or not so) the brother of Charles Darwin. In biology, the study of all life and living matter, eugenics is the science of improving stock, either human or animal. In philosphy, the academic discipline which seeks truth through reasoning rather than empiricism, the usage of the term changes a little. It is defined as a social philosophy which advocates the improvement of social hereditary qualities through selective breeding. A famous, however extreme example is Nazism and neo-Nazism, with its famous persecution of Jews, minority groups, homosexuals, mentally and physically impaired people, along with other groups. This resulted in the mass killings of millions of people deemed “life unworthy of life” in a period commonly referred to as the Holocaust.

“Eugenic” however, is an adjective. states that it is “of or bringing about improvement in the type of offspring produced” and that it describes someone or something as having “good inherited characteristics”. Nothing special. Except for the fact that Eugene will be proud.

“Mnemonic”, as defined by, is something that is “assisting or intended to assist the memory” which can be “a verse or formula”. It can also refer to something “pertaining to mnemonics”. Mnemonics is usually defined as the process or technique of developing and improving the memory. This can be in the form of songs, short poems, and acronyms. Such as HIV (Humanity, Impartiality and Voluntary Service), or SPERM (Social, Political, Economical, Religious and Moral).

The reason on why I am writing such a random and absolutely pointless post is not just for the sake of posting. Remember, I already have the weekly updates for that. I am writing this to illustrate to Eugene about possible names we can choose for a group, and to procrastinate for Language Arts tomorrow. So Eugene, if you see this post, please call me up so that we can discuss. You know what I’m talking about.

As for my other readers, I hope you learn a thing or two from this.



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