When does a petty incident become a big issue?

Names are removed from the following posts to protect the confidentiality of the people mentioned. (Unless I get really pissed in the end)

“On 15 April 2013, at approximately 3pm, I was trying to make my way up to the RSP (regional studies programme) room. At the my classroom, JN said that there was no BI that day. He reasoned that if there was no BI, he would not be so slow in moving to the RSP room.

Without further ado, I left the classroom. I realised I could still carry on with the meeting I had scheduled with Ms R. earlier this week. I waited for met her in front of IT lab 4 at around 3.30 pm with A.C. for the science project meeting. We had waited since 3.15 pm. At around 3.40pm, I headed for my CCA (co-curricular activities).

I had no idea there was BI that day.”

Long story short, that is the report I was made to write on the 24th of April on why I missed a lesson.

I take BI as a third language in school. On 15 April 2013, I was under the false impression that there was no class. Well, at least JN told me that. Being ever so gullible, I got tricked by him and really did not attend. There was a lesson that day. Of course, the very next lesson, my teacher was pissed that I ‘skipped’ class. I was in deep shit. I had to write a totally unnecessary personal recount, and let my parents sign that.

Of course I didn’t write that report. Punish me if you will! I will never ever capitulate to this injustice. Expectedly, the teacher was furious. I had to write the report in class. That didn’t really bother me. It was the rant afterward that drove me up the wall. I was held back for 10 mins after the lesson, and was repeatedly admonished while JN got a chance to explain his actions. Wow, I am already five minutes late for my graded mathematics test. Cool.

Nothing can be as shitty for getting a time-wasting rant that I should not have gotten. If you want to scold, please scold the very one who instigated the whole thing by telling somebody a really retarded joke. Now I am just waiting to get the report signed by my parents. Wait, am I going even to let them sign it? I doubt so.

Enough of me. In all seriousness, when does something petty become something of gravitas? When? Perhaps figures of authority should not blindly assign blame onto others, but to take a step back, and perceive the situation from an objective viewpoint. Perhaps it’s all in our minds when we judge. Perception is important. The human mind can create imaginary concepts that seem real to us, and even destroy the extremely obvious. How? Just by perceiving, and believing.

Why was Galileo persecuted! Why were countless of Jews killed in the Holocaust? Why are age old problems such as racial stereotyping present in a society that should not have the time for that?

Because we see. Because we feel. Because we believe.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my peers and Mr DL for waiting for me to arrive before starting the maths assignment.



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