Trip to Singapore Discovery Centre

Definitely not Singapore Science centre. Definitely not. Located in the far west of Singapore, Joo Koon, Our short visit to the Singapore Discovery Centre is bluntly put, a mixed experience. Of course, you might think that it is about science or something. But no. It is about Singapore, something like a Social Studies excursion. Wonderful. (Hmm?)

When we first arrived, it was pretty unimpressive. A small opening in the middle of a clump of bushes and trees in a corner of Joo Koon. Easily overlooked. Easily forgotten. Behind that pathetic entrance, the grounds were expansive. The first interesting thing that I would mention is this:

Yes. this cute little fountain in that photo.But seriously, what are they doing? Recycling water? As I remember, we went to 5 exhibits, and one canteen. The first exhibit can be only be described as boring. This is so as it was only a showcase of different embassies, and we were supposed to like, copy one way each country helps to protect the environment and two interesting things we found. The second exhibit was about the globalisation of Singapore, etc. etc.

The third exhibit should be interesting. It was some kind of NE quiz. Our class was pitted against Ms Loh’s so… … It was kind of an embarrassment to say… lose. Yes, we lost. Here’s a photo. Yeah.

Next, I really cannot believe that we had the opportunity to go eat at the in-house canteen that day. There was a Sarpino’s Pizzeria. The best thing was that they sold a slice and a drink for a reasonable price of $2.50! (They are known for their absurd prices). The next exhibit was about this wall of wonders thing. We were sat so close to it, it was like, less than a metre ahead of us, great, we were in low light. This equates to bad vision. What were they thinking? It was mostly weird drawings and distorted images to me. Laughable. See the photo below.

We were corralled to the next exhibit in less than a minute, it was some kind of on-site reporter thing, where we were supposed to play as reporter in some of Singapore’s greatest achievements and darkest days.  I was in there! It was kind of weird, I mean. Look at the picture below. It was practically a glass room. You can choose atopic you want to report on. The guide chose the beginning of SIA for me, as for my appearance in there, it was Ms Loh, Ms Yee Li Tan (Hehe) who chose me. Bah… many people said i did a GOOD JOB in there. Nope. To me, I sounded like an Englishman with a flu.

The last one was about the possible collapse of Singapore and what we must do to stop it. WHAT?! Nothing much to say about this though, but the video and the air conditioning was pretty good.

And one good day ended in a jiffy. Hmm…


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